XE Universal Line Series Power Amplifiers

Main Features

- High output power and high efficiency with great headroom
- Works everywhere, World wide AC line operation, 400VAC failure proof
- Advanced high frequency switching technology
- Small size, low weight, ideal for touring applications
- Networkable amplifier over standard Ethernet
- AMPControl software and JAVA based control
- All functions can be accessible by remote
- Graphics LCD for easy setup and diagnostics
- Two JOG button for fast navigating
- Digital volume and input sensitivity control
- Built-in programmable limiter
- Output Peak and average Voltage,Current measuring
- Displays actual load impedance, Output Current limiter
- Embedded webserver for set&view parameters by a web browser
- Five user profiles
- Intelligent protective functions
- High frequency resonant power supply with active PFC function
- Programmable start-up sequence for large area installations


Products Table

4 Ω
8 Ω
2 x 1250 W
2 x 650 W
2 x 2250 W
2 x 1400 W
2 x 3750 W
2 x 2000 W
XE-10000U 2x 5500W 2x 2800W

Technical Specifications

Parameter XE-2500U XE-4000U XE-6000U XE-10000U
Power requirements
90V – 300Vac, 45-65Hz (operational from 64Vac & 560Vac proof** without need of service)
Max. Power Consuption 2600W 5500W 7900W 12500W
Soft starting
yes, with programmable time delay start-up sequence
Power Supply
High frequency resonant includes active PFC
Mains connection
32A Neutrik Powercon
Working temperature range
0 - 40C
Storage temperature range
-25C - 60C
Output power @ 8 Ω 2 x 650 W
2 x 1400W 2 x 2000W 2 x 2800W
Output power @ 4 Ω 2 x 1250 W
2 x 2250W 2 x 3750W 2 x 5500W
Output power @ 2.6 Ω 2 x 2000W 2 x 2300W 2 x 3000W 2 x 6500W
Output Power @ 2 Ω 2 x 1800W 2 x 2100W 2 x 3500W 2 x 5200W
Frequency (+/- 3dB, 8 Ohms)
5 Hz - 20 kHz
Slew rate 50V / us 60V / us
Damping factor >400 >500 >600  >1000
End Stages High Frequency semi soft switched PWM in balanced configuration
Output connections Four pole Neutrik SPEAKON (1+2+ in parallel, 1-2- in parallel)
Signal to Noise ratio A-Weighted 20Hz - 20kHz
100 dB 102 dB 107 dB
Nominal sensitivity for maximum output level (balanced)
1.4V (rms) 1.7V (rms)
Input Impedance (Referred to ground) 10 KOhms + 10 KOhms (+/- 1%)
Input terminals Neutrik XLR
Built in Limiter Programmable limiter ( 1V / Step )
Output level meter LEDbar, status LEDs (AGR, Short, Temp, Protect, Ready)
Display Graphics LCD
Control terminals JOGS, buttons
Volume control Set by control JOG wheels or remote -95,5dB - 0dB (in 0,5 dB steps)
Input sensitivity -95,5db - 0dB (steps 0,5 dB)
Limiter settings range 10 - 100V
10 - 155V
10 - 170V
10 - 205V
User profiles 5 user profile
Protections Short circuit, Overload,Low impedance,Thermal, DC fault
Cooling Forced air cooling with regulated DC fans
Direction of air flow Front to rear
Remote control 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Weight 8 Kgs
9 Kgs
9,5 Kgs
External dimensions
19" rack 483 x 440 x 44mm (1RU)

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