PKN H8 Amplifier Technology

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PKN H8 is coming soon! Worldwide best switching amplifier technology with 1MS/s+ sample rate, exceptional signal accuracy & pulse response in fully
symmetrical configuration at very high power levels by PKN Audio. Stay tuned for updates.

Basic features of PKN H8 technology:

- First affordable multilevel high-power professional audio amplifier brings the advantages of multilevel inverter technology into the proaudio fileld

- Improved reliability due lower, distributed losses over 8 power processing elements instead of 2 (typical for common Class-D amplifiers)

- Exceptional signal accuracy due advanced multilevel & multiphase PKN H8 modulation, fixed frequency operation

- Effective sample rates over 1000KS/s directly from the analog signal input

- True output U/I feedback loop(s) for fully load independent frequency response

- Improved large signal bandwidth and pulse response, at least twice of useful frequency range compared to Class-D

- Power of 8 switching elements added therefore suitable for the upper power range, above 5000W/ch on 4Ω

- NO 'common rail' structure , overload on one channel does not immediately influence the others

- Very high power conversion efficiency, less than 1/4 of the losses compared to conventional Class-D

- Full reactive load and energy recycling capability, Class-D 'bus pumping effect' eliminated, good low frequency response down to DC

- Wider useful bandwidth allows larger loop-Gain of control therefore damping factor over 10000(@50Hz and bellow) becomes possible

- Advanced user programmable NoClip/U/I limiters for each individual channels

- Worldwide operational ability with matching Universal mains PFC power supply


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