Product Catalog
-Product catalog about XE/XD/LC models

3PHASE Series
-User Manual of 3PHASE40K / 20K
-Promotional video spot
-Technologies behind the largest PKN Amplifier
-DXF drawing

XE Series
-User Manual of XE Series
-Ampcontrol Software

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$ sha1sum

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Password for the ZIP file:  kL37Bjku1 

-Ampcontrol Manual
-High Resolution Pictures
-Two Stage switching power supply of XE/XD Series
-Endstage of XE / XD Series
-DXF drawing
-XE Series Network Settings
-XE Series Limiter Settings
-XE Series Input Sensitivity
-XE Series Thermal limiting
-XE Series Output Current
-XE Series Output Voltage

XD Series
-User Manual of XD Series
-DXF drawing

LC Series
-User Manual of LC Series
-DXF drawing

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